Dean Wen-Chang Chen Receives the 24th National Chair Professorship, MoE

Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章院長, right) Received the 24th National Chair Professorship from President Tsai (蔡英文總統, left)

The award ceremony of the 24th National Chair Professorship, the 3rd National Award of Distinguished Contribution, and the 64th Academic Awards by MoE was held on Mar. 22nd, 2021 and the awards were presented by President Tsai (蔡英文) and Premier Su (蘇貞昌) of Executive Yuan to 20 recipients. Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) of NTU College of Engineering, as the leader in the fields of electronics & optoelectronic polymer materials and polymer nanomaterials, plays an important role in international academics and cross-country research and is honored as the winner of the 24th National Chair Professorship, MoE.

Dean Chen has devoted himself to the fields of electronics & optoelectronic polymer materials and polymer nanomaterials for 25 years. As a pioneer in the research and development of Taiwan polymer nanocomposite optoelectronic and semiconductor materials, he has become the world's first scholar to produce acrylic nanocomposite optical films with high uniformity and high refractive index, creating many outstanding achievements in industry-university cooperation.

Dean Chen’s research of optically conductive films with high light transmittance can be widely used in 3C products such as glasses, semiconductor wafers, mobile phones, and computer screens, etc. To suit the needs of different products, the thickness of the film ranges from 100 nanometers to hundreds of micrometers (1 micrometer = 1,000 nanometers). Within this big range of thickness, the optical film can still maintain the characteristics of light transmittance, physical properties, mechanical properties, and elasticity, which shows the outstanding and unique technique of Dean Chen’s research team.

In the field of polymer optoelectronic materials, Dean Chen has published 419 journal papers and obtained 58 invention patents in his academic career so far. The total amount derived from technology transfer to domestic materials and chemistry related companies or the implementation of development technology through industry-university cooperation exceeds 100 million NT dollars, and the estimated affected output value is up to billions. Dean Chen’s academic performance is not only leading in Taiwan, but also the leader in this field globally.

Dean Chen feels very honored to be the winner of the National Chair Professorship and hopes that he can make more influence on the cultivation of talents and industrial development of polymer materials in Taiwan, leading Taiwan to continuously drive academic research and industrial innovation & development with other countries in the world. "Have Ideals in Mind & be Brave to Pursue Dreams" is the motto of Dean Chen. Dean Chen encourages students to have ambitions in mind and work hard to pursue their ideals, hoping young students to bravely step out of their comfort zones and to keep achieving their dreams for better accomplishment and becoming a better self.