2020 NTU Engineering Entrepreneur Lectureship

In order to commend outstanding entrepreneurs for their great achievements in starting their own businesses or operating businesses, NTU College of Engineering has set up "The Selection Method of NTU Engineering Entrepreneur Lectureship” in 2012 and has selected and given awards to many distinguished entrepreneurs.

The recipients of 2020 NTU Engineering Entrepreneur Lectureship are Chairman Cheng-Yih Lin (林正一) of Daxin Materials Corporation (達興材料股份有限公司), Chairman Cheng-Ching Wu (吳澄清) of TASCO Chemical Corporation (台灣石化合成股份有限公司), and Chairman Paul SL Peng (彭双浪) of AU Optronics Corp. (友達光電股份有限公司). Three recipients all have outstanding business performance in related fields, which are the role models for their peers and younger generations.

Chairman Wu and Chairman Peng have delivered their speeches on Apr. 16th and May 26th, 2021 respectively while Chairman Lin’s speech will be rescheduled and introduced by another news release.

Chairman Cheng-Ching Wu (吳澄清)

Topic: The Sharing and Review of Taiwan’s Chemical Industry

Introduction of Chairman Cheng-Ching Wu

Chairman Wu leads TASCO Chemical Corporation with the spirit of “4C”: Create, Challenge, Cooperate, and Contribute. “Create” means to use professional knowledge and the latest technology to produce new products, “Challenge” means to use new technologies to overcome difficulties and challenges, “Cooperate” means to cooperate with internal and external companies to create high-value products, and “Contribute” means to return the company's achievements and profits to the society.

In addition, Chairman Wu believes that environmental protection is a very important issue nowadays, so he requires the company to start from itself and to set an example by using excellent technology to improve the production process, save energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, fulfill its social responsibilities, and give back to the public.

Chairman Wu not only applies the academic theory of chemistry to the industry, but also introduces MTBE and promotes unleaded gasoline to reduce air pollution. He makes outstanding contributions to the country's economic construction and environmental quality. Chairman Wu laid the foundation stone for the development of TASCO Chemical Corporation and has become a role model for promoting the circular economy 30 years ago. In just a few years, he has been awarded "1977 Science and Technology Awards" and the "Chemical Engineering Award".

Chairman Wu hopes to encourage domestic students and to cultivate outstanding talents by providing scholarships for students from more than 20 universities every year, which has lasted for nearly 30 years. At the same time, Chairman Wu has also devoted to charitable organizations such as China Youth Corps and Teacher Chang Foundation, caring for the society with practical actions.

Besides his pivotal position in the petrochemical industry, Chairman Wu also plays an important role in the financial industry. Chairman Wu’s business extends from petrochemicals to finance, energy, electronics, etc. with professional background and harmonious political-business relationship.

Chairman Wu has been honored with many awards including “Science and Technology Awards”, “Chemical Engineering Award”, “Refining Technology Medal of Chinese Petroleum Institute”, “Chemical Service Medal of the Chinese Chemical Society”, “Distinguished Alumni of NCKU Chemical Engineering”, etc. With all these achievements, he can be described as an excellent entrepreneurial model with leadership, engineering technology, and service spirit.

Chairman Paul SL Peng (彭双浪)

Topic: Leadership in a Changing World

Introduction of Chairman Paul SL Peng

Chairman Peng has devoted to the technology industry for more than 30 years with comprehensive experience in display industry. He conducts the integration of the industrial supply chain and resource sharing, leading the steady development of enterprises and promoting the cross-industry association. His establishment of "Taiwan Display Industry Association (TDUA)" lead Taiwan's display industry to meet international standards and deepen its industrial influence.

Chairman Peng has been awarded Gold Panel Awards 2018, and he closely integrates the sustainable development of the industry with the core operating strategy, making the business to approach the CSR benchmark. He has long been dedicated to business operation, green environmental sustainability, and technology & cultural integration, with proficiency in both humane culture and management talents.

What’s more, Chairman Peng has been awarded the first "Global Corporate Sustainability Award, GCSA" by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), and he also launches the "Gaps of Learning & Field, GOLF” to cultivate talents for Taiwan’s optoelectronic industry.