The 1st Shiny Chem. Honorary Lectureships 2021 Held Online

Shiny Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. (勝一化工股份有限公司) (hereafter referred to as Shiny Chem.) set up “Shiny Chem. Honorary Lectureships” for College of Engineering in 2020 with the spirit of giving back to the society and contributing to the university, encouraging the annual academic interaction between the college and Japanese scholars. Through the lectureships, Shiny Chem. Hopes to increase the academic research level and to promote international cooperation between Taiwan and Japan.

The invited lecturers are decided by NTU College of Engineering and Shiny Chem. together. Totally 7 Japanese scholars and industry experts are chosen in 2021, including Professor Naoto OHMURA (大村直人) and Professor Hideto MATSUYAMA (松山秀人) from Kobe University (神戶大學), Dr. Yusuke TSUTSUMI (堤祐介) from National Institute for Materials Science, NIMS (國立研究開發法人物質.材料研究機構), Professor Hiroyuki NISHIDE (西出宏之) from Waseda University (早稻田大學), Professor Yoshiki CHUJO (中條善樹) from Kyoto University (京都大學), Professor Tomoya HIGASHIHARA (東原知哉) from Yamagata University (山形大學), and Professor Mitsuru UEDA (上田充) from Tokyo Institute of Technology(東京工業大學).

The first session of the lecture was completed successfully on Jun. 24th, 2021. Due to the serious COVID-19, the lecture was held online, and hosted by Dean Wen-Chang CHEN (陳文章) of College of Engineering. Chairman Jan-Yen SUN (孫靜源) of Shiny Chem. gave the opening speech, while Prof. Kuo-Lun (Allan) TUNG (童國倫) and Prof. Da-Ming WANG (王大銘) of Chemical Engineering being the introducers of the four honorary lecturers: Professor Naoto OHMURA, Professor Hideto MATSUYAMA, Dr. Yusuke TSUTSUMI, and Professor Hiroyuki NISHIDE. After the great speeches from the invited lecturers, the Japanese scholars conducted academic interaction and research discussion with the attendees from Shiny Chem. and College of Engineering.   When the epidemic is under control, the College of Engineering will invite the Japanese scholars again to Taiwan for face-to-face interaction and further discussion on future cooperation of academic and industrial research opportunities.

The second session is expected to be held in fall, 2021 with the following lecturers invited: Professor Yoshiki CHUJO, Professor Tomoya HIGASHIHARA, and Professor Mitsuru UEDA. Another news for the second session will be released by then.

Professor Naoto OHMURA, Kobe University

  • Current Vice President of Kobe University and the former Dean of the College of Engineering, specializing in the fields of chemical purification & separation, mobile phenomenology, and fluid engineering.
  • Topic: Process Intensification Technology by Controlling Fluid Flow

Professor Hideto MATSUYAMA, Kobe University

  • Current editor of the Journal of Membrane Science (膜科學雜誌), and the former President of The Aseanian Membrane Society (亞太區薄膜協會會長) and The Membrane Society of Japan (日本膜學會), specializing in the fields of chemical purification & separation and membrane engineering.
  • Topic: Membrane Separation and Purification Technology

Dr. Yusuke TSUTSUMI, National Institute for Materials Science, NIMS

  • Chief Researcher of Corrosion Property Group, Research Center for Structural Materials (構造材料研究中心腐蝕特性組), NIMS.  He has won the Progress Award from Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering, JSCE (日本腐蝕防蝕學會), specializing in corrosion technology, biological materials, corrosion engineering, electrochemistry and metal materials engineering.
  • Topic: Corrosion Technology

Professor Hiroyuki NISHIDE, Waseda University

  • Has been awarded by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (文部科學大臣) in the field of science and technology and the Chemical Society of Japan (日本化學會). He has been the President of the Japanese Polymer Society (日本高分子學會) and the Chairman of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (亞洲高分子學會聯盟), specializing in the fields of chemical science and technology, polymer synthesis and functional polymers.
  • Topic: Redox Polymers for Sustainable Devices