College of Engineering, NTU and Taiwan Cement Corporation Co-hosted the First TCC Camp (2019)

Total Amount of NTD 800,000 Prize Presented to Excellent Students

College of Engineering, National Taiwan University and Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) co-hosted the first TCC Camp (2019), aiming to recruit excellent students to join this meaningful activity for the central topic “Circular Economy”. After a long proposal process of half year, totally 18 groups of brilliant students (80 people) were selected for the final proposal competition. President Li Chung-Pei (李鐘培), Taiwan Cement Corporation (TCC) presented the total winning prize NTD 800,000 to awarded students. The champion was not only awarded with the highest prize NTD 200,000 but also given the opportunity to put the proposal of Circular Economy into practice with the guidance and review from TCC research lab.

Taiwan Cement Corporation has focused on Circular Economy in recent years, being committed to environmental sustainability, and to cultivating talents in the field through various industry-academia cooperation. The central topics of this proposal competition are the top five development goals of TCC: "Carbon Cycle Green Economy", "Cement Kiln Collaborative Processing of Domestic Waste and Solid, Hazardous Waste", "Renewable Energy", "Battery Century" and "Industry Intelligence". President Li Chung-Pei, TCC said at the Awards Ceremony that “TCC Camp can be regarded as a pioneering activity, and through this cooperation, we can reach a lot of excellent proposals and talents.” Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), College of Engineering, NTU also expressed gratitude to TCC, “The most important outcome is that students can put their proposals into practice, and we’re looking forward to more cooperation between TCC and College of Engineering, NTU in the future!”