2019 International Green Materials Workshop

NTU has long focused our research and education toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nation. Importantly, clean water, affordable and green energy, industrial innovation, climate change, and circular economy are all directly related to materials, and this field is now named Green Materials. Moreover, tremendous effort has been paid for green and sustainable future in global society. Hence, international linkage can definitely facilitate novel developments of research and education for green materials and manufacturing process. In 2019, NTU launched the first international workshop in this field and also acted as the hub for international community of green materials.

The first International Green Materials Workshop is co-held by College of Engineering (COE) and Advanced Research Center for Green Materials Science and Technology (ARC-GMST) from Oct. 31st to Nov. 1st, 2019 at National Taiwan University. This first workshop aims to


  1. link global research groups and their research in excellence of green materials,
  2. develop collaborative platform for students and researchers,
  3. act as strong community and support each other in international field, and
  4. address and promote critical issue for sustainable future.


World-leading scientists from Japan, France, and Australia in this field were invited to as initiative members to talk about their recent work, and to discuss the future cooperation in green and sustainable materials.

The chair of this workshop is Prof. Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) of NTU COE, Dean of NTU COE and the director of ARC-GMST. The secretary of this workshop is A/Prof. Hung-Wei (Homer) Yen (顏鴻威), the Executive Director for International Affairs of COE. International participants include Prof. Hiroyuki Nishide (Waseda University), Prof. Toshifumi Satoh (Hokkaido University), Dr. Redouane Borsali (University Grenoble Alpes), Prof. Veena Sahajwalla (The University of New South Wales), Mr. Anirban Ghose (The University of New South Wales), and Prof. Jun Huang (The University of Sydney). The NTU participants include Prof. Ai-Chun Pang (逄愛君), the Assoc. Dean of NTU College of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Assoc. Prof. Yi-Tsu Chan (詹益慈) and Assoc. Prof. Hao-Ming Chen (陳浩銘) from NTU College of Science, Prof. Wei-Fang Su (林唯芳) from Department of Material Science and Engineering, and the members of ARC-GMST. The talks involve energy materials, materials for CO2 capture, mini-factory of circular economy, green materials, materials for water purification and recycle process. Through this workshop, the attendees not only had in-depth discussions on research topics, but also talked about the future academic interaction and cooperation, including professor/student exchange, internships, and cooperative research in this field. Moreover, all initiative members also agree to host future workshop of green materials. This new international hub and relationship will enable the corporative leadership in research and education in green materials.