Two Professors Awarded 2019 TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair

TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation (財團法人宗倬章先生教育基金會) has set up the “TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair” to award distinguished professors from College of Engineering and to increase the quality of every engineering fields of CoE. At most 2 recipients of this honor will be selected each year, and after the expiration, the foundation can re-accept the recommendation or selection. Those who have won twice will receive lifelong honors and will no longer accept the recommendation or selection. In the year 2019, the winners are Distinguished Professor Jung-Ho Cheng (鄭榮和) from Mechanical Engineering and Distinguished Professor Tai-Horng Young (楊台鴻) from Biomedical Engineering, who perform excellence in teaching, research and service, and deserve this great honor.

Dean Chen Presented NTU Engineering Special Contribution Award to Chairman TSUNG

Chairman Cheng-Chih TSUNG (宗成志) and TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation has contributed and supported College of Engineering, NTU a lot for a long time. TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation was established to encourage students from poor origin to work hard to learn. Through the foundation, Chairman TSUNG promotes many education affairs and increases domestic education quality, benefitting numerous schools and students. For decades, the foundation not only provides scholarship to excellent students from poor origin, donates funds for universities with the same educational ideas, but also offers the subsidy for the industry-university cooperation program of TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation year by year, encouraging the team to get involved in research and development projects to lift up the performance in engineering fields. In addition, TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair was set up to award distinguished professors from College of Engineering; starting from 2001, totally 36 professors have received this honor with the amount of 14.4 million NTD awards. What’s more, for the past years, the foundation has continuously offered big amount of donation to support the construction of the new engineering building, truly contributing a lot to the development of College of Engineering. Chairman TSUNG is modest and enthusiastic about public welfare and education, giving back to the society his alma mater. To give thanks to Chairman TSUNG’s for his contribution and to convey his idea for promoting education development, College of Engineering, NTU presents “NTU Engineering Special Contribution Award” to Chairman TSUNG, hoping to make the society more peaceful and progressive.