The 6th Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS) Polymer Congress

To activate the close relationship and cooperation between the members of Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS) and promote international academic interaction in Polymer field, Polymer Society, Taipei was authorized by FAPS to hold The 6th Federation of Asian Polymer Societies Polymer Congress for the first time in Taiwan from October 27th (Sun) to 30th (Wed), 2019 at Howard Civil International House, Taipei, Taiwan. Co-organizer included National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and National Central University.

The Congress Chairs are Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) of National Taiwan University (President of Polymer Society, Taipei) and Associate Dean Hsin-Lung Chen (陳信龍) of National Tsing Hua University (Executive director of Polymer Society, Taipei). The Honorary Congress Chair is Professor Chen-Chi M. Ma (馬振基) (National Tsing Hua University). With the great support by Minister Liang-Gee Chen (陳良基) of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the effort of FAPS members, nearly 650 participants joined the congress including experts in this field from well-known universities and institutions of 18 countries (Europe, the U.S., Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa)

The main topic of the congress is “Polymers for Cutting-edge Technological Innovations”, aiming to have deep research and discussion on the innovation and cutting-edge polymer technology in cross-field cooperation, and further focusing on the influence of global polymer education development in Asia-Pacific region. Four polymer experts were invited to give attendees the inspiring speeches in the congress, including Chair Professor Chain-Shu Hsu (許千樹) of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan, Distinguished Professor Yongsheng Chen of Nankai University, China, Chair Professor Soo Young Park of Seoul National University, Korea, and Professor of Takahiro Seki Nagoya University, Japan.

There were various sub topics in the congress: “Polymer synthesis and characterization”, “Polymer structure, surface and interface”, “Functional and self-assembled materials”, “Polymers for optoelectronics and energy”, “Organic/inorganic hybrids and nanocomposites”, “Polymer engineering and processing”, “Polymers for biomaterials and medicine”, and “Polymers for biomaterials and medicine”, etc, which arouse great interests and attentions of the participants to have enthusiastic interaction and discussions.

The joint presentation of the academic achievement from Polymer Society, Taipei annual conference, polymer seminar and department of polymer science, MOST was also held in FAPS 2019. The thesis presentation in the congress was over 550, including 4 plenary speeches, 159 oral sessions, 229 poster sessions, and 36 joint English presentation contests and 122 poster presentations. As FAPS 2019 Polymer Congress was held in Taiwan, the development and application of Taiwan polymer research took a big step forward and the cooperation between international organizations in polymer field is facilitated.

Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS) was co-founded by Polymer Division, Chinese Chemical Society, Japanese Polymer Society, Korean Polymer Society, and Indian Polymer Society, and became an official international organization starting from January, 1st , 2018. The member numbers increased to 14 in a decade, and one of the top missions of the federation is to hold the FAPS Polymer Congress twice a year. The first congress was help successfully in Nagoya, Japan in 2009. The following congresses were held in Beijing, China (2011), Bengaluru, India (2013), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2015), and Jeju Island, Korea (2017). After the 2019 congress in Taiwan, Dean Wen-Chang Chen of National Taiwan University will be the president of FAPS.

Polymer materials become essential not only in traditional plastic industries, but play an important role in edge-cutting technologies such as biomedical, optoelectronic, environmental protection, and energy in recent years. As a result, over 500 experts joined the FAPS congress every time, showing the congress has already become one of the most important academic events in polymer science. As one of the members of FAPS, Polymer Society, Taipei fulfills its obligations and responsibilities with great enthusiasm, becoming an important and active member of FAPS.