Research Results from the Research Team of Prof. Wen-Jeng Hsueh Published in《Scientific Reports》by Nature Publishing Group

The research result on topological photonic crystals conducted by Electronics and Photonics Laboratory hosted by Prof. Wen-Jeng Hsueh (薛文証) , Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering NTU, is published in Scientific Reports by Nature Publishing Group[1]. The research team has discovered that conjugated topological photonic crystals (CTPC) possess topological protection qualities, which protect high performance  from the disturbance of small imperfections within the structure. This research work can be applied  in advanced optical filters, optical communication components, light source, and photon detector to achieve high-quality optical devices. The research result has also been reported by various news and websites.

In addition, another outstanding result of the research team on Cantor set photonic crystals and the paper is published in Optics Letters by Optical Society of America. The research team has discovered ultra-slow light properties of Cantor photonic crystals, which can reduce the speed of light within crystals to below one meter per second. In other words, the speed of a person riding a bicycle would be able to exceed this light speed. In the application of - photonic computer and photonic quantum computer , the slower light allows better computing and storage capability. As a result, the ultra-slow light could significantly improve the storage capabilities and photonic processor precision of future photonic and quantum computers. This research is especially recommended by editors' pick in the edition of Optics Letters[2].

Prof. Wen-Jeng Hsueh, Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering


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  2. Y. C. Lin (林育全), C. H. Tsou (周志豪) and W. J. Hsueh*(薛文証), 2018 “Ultra-slow light in one-dimensional Cantor photonic crystals,” Opt. Lett., Vol. 43, No. 17, pp. 4120-4123.