Prof. Nae-Lih Wu Selected as the 18th Y.Z. Hsu Science Chair Professor

Prof. Nae-Lih Wu (吳乃立) of Chemical Engineering Department is selected as the 18th Y.Z. Hsu Science Chair Professor of Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation in “Green Science & Technology” category (第18屆有庠科技講座綠色科技類). The foundation was established to commemorate the Far Eastern Group's late founder, Mr. Y. Z. Hsu and to encourage breeding high tech research and development talents, providing assistances for improving industrial competitiveness with technology innovation. The Science Chair Professor award is given to outstanding professors in mainly five categories: “Nano Science & Technology”, “Information and Communication Science & Technology”, "Optoelectronics Science & Technology”, “Biomedical Science & Technology” and “Green Science & Technology”.

Prof. Wu has been engaged in the research of energy technology for a long time, from the research of the high-temperature superconducting materials in the early stage to the latest study on electrochemical energy storage materials in recent years. His main research projects include the technology of supercapacitor and lithium-ion battery. Prof. Wu’s research focus both on the studies of fundamental theory and the development and applications of innovative electrode materials. His outstanding achievements include publishing in famous journals, such as Science, high paper citations, and over 30 local and international patents. His proposed technologies and analytical methodologies on energy storage materials and components lead to a new direction for research and development in this field.

Over the years, Prof. Wu has not only won many awards from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and various academic societies, he is also invited to many important international conferences as the plenary and keynote speakers. He is now the editor of the Journal of the American Electrochemical Society (JECS), showing that his research capability is recognized both domestically and internationally. Through various channels in industry, government, and academic research, Prof. Wu endeavors to enhance the development of domestic energy storage industry, being enthusiastic to participate in the promotion of green technology projects and international R&D cooperation and to cultivate talents in the research field. With all these contributions, Prof. Wu’s outstanding academic achievement truly deserves the award of Y.Z. Hsu Science Chair Professor.