24 CoE Students Receive the 7th NTU Altruism Award

To honor the NTU students caring about the society, being philanthropic and devoted to the university selflessly, NTU set up “NTU Altruism Award”(學生利他獎) started from 2014 to encourage the students with the following performance: (1) Being cooperative and caring for their classmates (2) Being a role model for the youth with good deeds (3) Perform enthusiasm for public welfare activities and carry out social innovation (4) Other altruistic deeds. Recipients are selected through a recommendation or application process, and honored with the award after the recognition.  

The 7th NTU Altruism Award Ceremony of College of Engineering was held on July 15th, 2020 at the conference room of the College of Engineering. The award certificates were presented by Dean Chen, College of Engineering to totally 24 awarded students. The list of award recipients is as follows:

  1. HUANG, YU-WEI, Department of Civil Engineering
  2. HAN, WEI, Department of Civil Engineering
  3. WANG, SZU-HAN, Department of Civil Engineering
  4. WANG, XING-YI, Department of Civil Engineering
  5. YUAN, SHENG-CHUN, Department of Civil Engineering
  6. HSIAU, YI-TING, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  7. LIN, I-AN, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  8. YU, SHAO-YI, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  9. OU YANG, CHIH-WEN, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  10. TSAI, YI-RU, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  11. LIU, CHE-WEI, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  12. LIN, TZU-YU, Department of Chemical Engineering
  13. PAN, JOU-AN, Department of Chemical Engineering
  14. LIN, MENG-WEI, Department of Chemical Engineering
  15. KUNG, CHAO-NI, Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering
  16. LIAO, JEN-SHUO, Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering
  17. SUN, YI-HSUAN, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  18. DENG, JING-AN, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  19. LIAO, YUNG-HSIANG, Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  20. LIN, SHUAN-YU, Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering
  21. WU, WEI-BIN, Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics
  22. LIU, YU-YU, Graduate Institute of Building and Planning
  23. LIU, YAN-TING, Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering
  24. LIN, HYUNG-YUAN, Graduate Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering