The College of Engineering was established in 1945 with four departments. Through the great efforts of our faculty members and students, the college currently comprises six departments, five graduate institutes and three doctoral degree programs, with more than 5000 people. Our alumni have played an important role in the government, academic institutions and industry, contributing significantly to the society.

We aim to become one of the world’s top engineering colleges. With this in mind, in the aspect of teaching, we cultivate students with strong professional engineering knowledge, international vision and humanitarianism. We have implemented e-learning, the design-thinking-practice technique, and innovative teaching programs to develop the learning interest and potential of the students for solving challenging problems. In the aspect of research, we are dedicated to developing important engineering related fields and focusing on solving the challenges of the world, such as energy, sustainability, natural resources, health care and artificial intelligence. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, international team work and industrial collaboration, we have enhanced both quantity and quality of our research. For example, we have outstanding achievement in the fields of autonomous robots, intelligent driving system, renewable energy materials and components, water purification membranes, PM2.5 and carbon capture, earthquake engineering, 3D printing technology, biomaterials and drug delivery system. In recent years, the college has been ranked in the top 50 across all engineering related subjects, which reflects the leading position of our college in global academia.

In recent years, our college has made a significant achievements in internationalization. Our graduate institutes of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Applied Mechanics all provide a comprehensive English-taught master degree program, and around 150 international degree students are enrolled in the college. We also collaborate with top universities in Europe, the US and Japan to offer exchange student programs, dual degrees and double degrees, and each year we send and receive a total of 200 exchange students. In the near future, we plan to participate in two leagues – AOTULE (the Asia-Oceania Top University League on Engineering) and ADF (Asian Deans’Forum). Based on collaboration with the member universities, we plan to strengthen dual/double degree programs, cooperative research projects, international conferences and co-operated research centers with strategic partner schools. We also encourage our faculty members and students to join significant academic organizations and competitions to enhancing the international visibility and academic status of the college.

We believe that our cultivated students can meet both the current need and the potential challenge from the rapid change of the world, making an important contribution to the society and the world.