2020 NTU Engineering Special Contribution Award

In recognition of the significant contributions of alumni and enterprises to the college, College of Engineering, NTU has set up the NTU Engineering Special Contribution Award (院務發展貢獻獎) since 2018 and hold the awarding ceremony annually. “2020 NTU Engineering Special Contribution Award” was presented to Prof. Chih-Kung Lee (李世光) of Institute of Applied Mechanics, Chairman Chiu-Yu Kuo (郭秋榆) of THE ENTERPRISER HOTEL PTY LTD. (企業家旅館有限公司), Director Bei Hung Kuo (郭倍宏) of FORMOSA BUILDERS Inc. (宏昇營造股份有限公司), the former CTO, Dr. Tom Thomas Shih (石聰賢) of LCU GROUP (李長榮集團), and EBM Technologies (商之器科技股份有限公司). The award ceremony was held on Jan. 14th, 2021 and the awards were presented by Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) of CoE to the winners.

Achievement of Prof. Chih-Kung Lee (李世光)

Cross-Field Integration: Promote the cultivation of nanotechnology talents

Prof. Chih-Kung Lee (李世光) takes "lifelong learning" and "cross-field integration" as the core concepts, extending nano-education down to elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools, and at the same time promotes the concept to university and graduate school levels. Relevant ideas have been praised by global leaders, and some of the results have been authorized by Thai Government to become the important foundation for their Science Year, creating a new model for international cooperation in science and technology projects.

Academic and research cooperation

In addition to the establishment of the "NTU-ITRI Nano Center (台大工研院合設奈米研究中心)", Prof. Lee leads the research team to utilize biomedical chips to develop the world's first anti-virus compound proven to destroy the toxicity of the SARS virus, and cooperates with the industry to develop a series of preventive medical equipments such as detergents, dry cleaners, masks, protective clothing, etc. His outstanding contributions are implemented in industry-university cooperation and the social responsibility to serve the public.

As the research on anti-virus compound continued, Prof. Lee developed the non-fluorine based electret materials in 2008, creating a new era of electret materials in soft electronic applications. By using electret materials, Prof. Lee’s development result "Paper Speaker", which was cooperated with ITRI, won the 2009 Wall Street Journal “Technology Innovation Awards” and German “Red Dot” award. Besides, he was invited to exhibit the achievement at the 2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition (2010 Flora Expo) as a representative of Taiwan’s top five major technologies. Prof. Lee has been committed to promoting the seamless integration of Government-University-Industry-Research cooperation for many years, and has achieved outstanding results in this cooperation mode.

Achievement of Chairman Chiu-Yu Kuo (郭秋榆)

Chairman Chiu-Yu Kuo (郭秋榆)’s family runs the business of THE ENTERPRISER HOTEL PTY LTD., and has unique and professional perspective in the maintenance and management of buildings.  After completing his studies in the United States, he returned to Taiwan and worked as the director of construction, combining theory and practice, fulfilling his mission as a civil engineer, and contributing what he learned to the country. With great proficiency in both civil engineering and construction, has completed countless constructions in Taiwan and China. He has also established a construction company in 1990 to develop the best construction machinery. His high-altitude operation tower cranes were used in the construction of the Yangtze River Crossing Bridge and the tallest building in Nanjing, breaking the highest domestic record at that time. He is a successful entrepreneur of NTU Civil Engineering.

Since Jan. 1st, 2007, Chairman Kuo has been the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th director of NTU Civil Engineering Foundation for 12 years. He is enthusiastic about promoting the improvement of civil engineering technology and assisting the development of NTU Civil Engineering and the Alumni Association.

Significant contribution

● Assists with the establishment of NTU Civil Engineering Culture and Education Foundation, and donates the most.

● Donates to assist the renovation of the department buildings.

● Establishes Civil Engineering Aboriginal Scholarship in 2011, and so far, 21 students have received scholarships every year in their 4 school years.

Achievement of Director Bei Hung Kuo (郭倍宏)

Director Bei Hung Kuo (郭倍宏) is the 6th  and 7th  chairman of NTU Civil Engineering  Cultural and Education Foundation, and also the 20th , 21st , 27th , and 28th  director of the Civil Engineering Alumni Association, assisting all kinds of department affair development. In addition, with the spirit of serving alumni, he generously provides his company office in Kaohsiung to let the Civil Engineering Alumni Association set up the Southern District Contact Center, and voluntarily serves as the director of the contact center to strengthen the communication and service functions of the Civil Engineering Alumni Association.

Director Kuo also enthusiastically donates up to 4.7 million NTD, including one professional precision water-jet cutting machine worth 2.8 million NTD, providing students with time-saving assistance in course implementation. It is particularly important for the civil engineering department to promote the keystone course. In 2010, when the department was undergoing the improvement of the public space, Director Kuo personally donated 1.15 million NTD and assisted in raising other funds to make the project complete smoothly.

Award-winning record

● National Brand Yushan Award: 7th Chairman of FORMOSA BUILDERS Inc. and the 15th Chairman of Formosa Television

● The 38th The Yeoh Tiong Lay (YTL) Award

● Outstanding Alumni of NTU Civil Engineering

Engineering awards

● The National Golden Award for Architecture 2004-2020 for 20 times with totally 35 golden awards

● Enterprise Project management Benchmarking Award (EPBA) in 2011, and 2014~2016

● FORMOSA BUILDERS Inc. has won National Excellent Builder Certification for 15 consecutive years (2007-2021)

Social welfare

● Elder of the 61st General Committee of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT)

● Director of Tainan Theological Seminary

● Director of Kaohsiung Mission Center, PCT

● Director of Pingtung Christian Bethany House

● Chief Convenor and Secretary-General of Formosa Alliance

● Chairman of the United States Headquarters of World United Formosans for Independence

● Publisher of "Taiwan Students" in the United States, President of Taiwan Students' Club

Achievement of Dr. Tom Thomas Shih (石聰賢)

Dr. Tom Thomas Shih (石聰賢) graduated from NTU Chemical Engineering Department. In 1970, he went to the University of California, Berkeley for further study and obtained a Ph.D. in chemical engineering in 1974. He has worked in the U.S. chemical engineering industry for nearly 30 years, and returned to Taiwan in 2009 as the CTO of LCU GROUP (李長榮集團). During the period, he has promoted many industry-academic cooperation researches between NTU Chemical Engineering Department and LCU GROUP.

In 2015, Dr. Shih and his wife Ms. Feng-Ying Chris Chang (張芬英), who is also the alumnus of chemical engineering, jointly donated 1.5 million NTD to NTU and set up the "Tom Thomas Feng Ying Innovation Program Design Scholarship" (聰賢芬英創新程序設計獎學金) and a special account for the perpetual fund to subsidize Chemical Engineering Department to hold the program design competitions every year. With this scholarship, every year the awards are provided to students with the best ideas, best designs and excellent programming, encouraging chemical engineering students to have innovative thinking and delicate design in the chemical programming series courses.

With continuous donations in recent years, Dr. Shih's total donation has exceeded 2 million NTD, and he promises to continue to provide sustainable scholarships to assist the Department of Chemical Engineering in cultivating talents and research development, making a significant contribution to the department.

Achievement of EBM Technologies (商之器科技股份有限公司)

In order to promote education and talent cultivation in the fields of biomedical information, biomedical electronics, and biomedical imaging, EBM Technologies (商之器科技股份有限公司)  has established the "EBM Technologies Biomedical Engineering Research Scholarship" (商之器科技醫學工程研究獎學金) in NTU Biomedical Engineering Department since 2015 to encourage students in related fields to cultivate outstanding talents. So far, 1.3 million NTD of scholarships have been provided to award 20 outstanding students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.

In addition to continuously encouraging students to study hard and devote themselves to research, the "Hope Scholarship Award" (希望助學獎) was established in 2020, with the goal of  providing more opportunities to students in need of financial aid.

In the next 5 years, EBM Technologies will continue the industry-academic cooperation project with National Taiwan University since 2015, and keep promoting education and talent cultivation in the fields of biomedical information, biomedical electronics, and biomedical imaging. While pursuing the sustainable operation of the enterprise, EBM Technologies also plays a part in cultivating outstanding talents in the biomedical industry at the same time.

In summary, the five winners mentioned above have devoted themselves to the construction, academic research and talent cultivation of College of Engineering. What’s more, they have provided important assistance to support the development of academic affairs; such outstanding dedication are announced and highlighted hereby to praise their contribution to the college.