2022 Chair Award, Outstanding Scholar Award, & the Academic Award Ceremony of College of Engineering, NTU

To improve the quality standards in engineering fields, the College of Engineering (COE) has co-established the TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair, the Qinglang·Chanda Chemical Chair, the Pin-Yen Chair, and the YOKE Outstanding Scholar Award respectively with TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation, Chanda Chemical Corporation, AVATACK CO., LTD., and YOKE INDUSTRIAL CORP. The COE also established the Academic Award to encourage full-time faculty members to improve their academic achievements. In addition, Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association (HTFA) also set up the High-Tech Facility Engineering Chair to encourage COE professors to lead research in directions related to high-tech facility application and engineering. The award ceremony for the aforementioned awards was held on Nov. 23rd, 2022 at the 203 Lecture Hall, Building of College of Engineering, NTU. 

The awarded professors this year include Prof. Liang-Chia CHEN (陳亮嘉) of Mechanical Engineering (TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair), Prof. Shyh-Jiann HWANG (黃世建) of Civil Engineering (TSUNG Cho-Chang Chair), Prof. Jeffrey Chi-Sheng WU (吳紀聖) of Chemical Engineering (Qinglang·Chanda Chemical Chair), Prof. Chih-Kung LEE (李世光) of Institute of Applied Mechanics (Pin-Yen Chair), and Prof. Luh-Maan CHANG (張陸滿) of Civil Engineering (HTFA’s High-Tech Facility Engineering Chair). Each award recipient is rewarded with NT$600,000 and a trophy. Prof. Hsin-Chih LIN (林新智) of Materials Science and Engineering is awarded the YOKE Outstanding Scholar Award; in addition to a trophy, Prof. LIN is also rewarded with a prize of NT$300,000/year during two years’ term of office. The Academic Award is presented to 11 professors, including Prof. Jen-Yu HAN (韓仁毓) of Civil Engineering, Prof. Wen-Cheng LIAO (廖文正) of Civil Engineering, Prof. Ming-Chang LU (呂明璋) of Mechanical Engineering (C SUN Outstanding Scholar), Prof. Jiashing YU (游佳欣) of Chemical Engineering (C SUN Outstanding Scholar), Prof. Dun-Yen KANG (康敦彥) of Chemical Engineering (Symtek Outstanding Scholar), Prof. Miin-Jang CHEN (陳敏璋) of Materials Science and Engineering (GPM Outstanding Scholar), Prof. Cheng-Liang LIU (劉振良) of Materials Science and Engineering, Prof. Yi-Pin LIN (林逸彬) of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, Prof. Ta-Chih HSIAO (蕭大智) of Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, Prof. Jian-Zhang CHEN (陳建彰) of Institute of Applied Mechanics (GMM Outstanding Scholar), and Prof. Yu-Ying LAI (賴育英) of Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering. Each recipient is rewarded with a prize of NT$150,000-300,000 and a trophy.

During the ceremony, many distinguished guests were invited to present the rewards to the recipients, including Chair Hsu-Shun TSUNG (宗緒順) of the TSUNG Cho-Chang Education Foundation, Chair Ho-Ching HUANG (黃河清) of Chanda Chemical Corporation, Chair Hwei-Ling YANG (楊慧玲) of AVATACK CO., LTD., President Scott LIN (林育業) of the Taiwan High-Tech Facility Association, General Manager Tom LIN (林衢江) of YOKE Industrial Corp., C SUN Chair Morrison LIANG (梁茂生), GPM Chair Jason CHEN (陳政興), GMM Chair Yu-Wen LIANG (梁又文), Professor Emeritus Dr. Wen-Hsiung WANG (王文雄) of Materials Science and Engineering, and Chair Ho-Ton HUANG (黃河東) of Langhe Investment. Some sponsors of the awards weren’t able to attend the ceremony, including Symtek Automation Asia Co., Ltd., Chun Yu Works Co., Ltd., and Luminescence Technology Corp.. Therefore, COE Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) presented the awards to the recipients on their behalf and acknowledged all award-winning faculty members for their outstanding performance in academic research and industry-academia collaboration.