College of Engineering and College of Science, NTU and Waseda University Cooperate on Joint Doctoral Supervision Program

To facilitate the cooperation between NTU and Waseda University, College of Engineering and College of Science, NTU have signed the agreement on joint doctoral supervision program with School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University in April, 2019. After NTU CoE and CoS visiting team attended the cooperation meeting in Waseda University this August, School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University paid a visit to NTU on September 21st for further discussion on the agreement details and confirmed the future execution direction.

This visiting group from Waseda University was led by Professor Hiroyuki NISHIDE, the former dean of School of Advanced Science and Engineering (Professor NISHIDE is also the distinguished chair professor of NTU Science Engineering Department); other participants included Profs. Masahiko MATSUKATA, Yasushi MATSUNAGA, Atsushi SHIMOJIMA, and Takeo SUGA. The joint meeting was held on September 21st by Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), College of Engineering and Dean Chun-Chieh Wu (吳俊傑), College of Science with attendees including Associate Dean C. Robert Kao (高振宏) of CoE, Executive Director for International Affairs Hung-Wei (Homer) Yen (顏鴻威), Chairmen Shiang-Tai Lin (林祥泰) of Chemical Engineering, Tzong-Lin Jay Shieh (謝宗霖) of Material Engineering, Professor Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu (吳嘉文) of Chemical Engineering, Associate Dean Chun-hsien Chen (陳俊顯) of CoS, and Chairman Man-kit Leung (梁文傑) of Chemistry Department. In addition to the discussion on agreement details, NTU also arranged the lab tours of Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering, and Chemistry Department for professors from Waseda University.

The content of the cooperation agreement on joint doctoral student supervision between the two universities and the three colleges is the mutual recommendation of doctoral students each year based on the established research cooperation between the two parties. The joint supervised doctoral students need to stay at the host university for at least three month, take at least one course, and present one thesis co-supervised by the professors of the two universities. Waseda University, as one of the leading private universities in Japan, takes international cooperation and interaction very seriously. Besides the fact that it has totally six faculties and eleven graduate schools offering degree program in English courses, Waseda University has been the university with the most international students in Japan since 2009.