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Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute (TLIRI) was established in March 1975 under the contract enteredvbetween National Taiwan University and Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Development Foundation, with the aim of engaging in engineering technology R&D, promoting the cooperation between industry and academia in order to facilitate our national economy growth and infrastructural development.
TLIRI building is located at No. 130, Section 3, Keelung Road, within the campus of the University. The entire building was donated by the Foundation and started to operate in March 1977.
TLIRI is a nonprofit research organization in the College of Engineering, National Taiwan Uni-versity. The running expenses of the Institute come from the service overhead. The Foundation also sponsors yearly research grant on a project base. TLIRI apportions service overhead to the University as feedback.
There is a supervisory council in TLIRI which takes charge of reviewing the development goals, activity plans and expenditure budget for TLIRI, and supervising its fulfillment and performance. The deanvof the College of Engineering is the chief commissioner of the council, and the dean of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer. Science is the vice-chairman of the council. There is one director and one deputy-director in TLIRI acted by professors from the college of Engineering.
TLIRI is a bridge between the University and the outside body including industrial companies, government bodies and research organizations. The main activities of TLIRI fall into the categories of entrusted and cooperative research, professional training, industrial testing and international conference servicing, etc.
Prospective Technology Development
In order to promote the industry related tech-nological development, prospective research are financially sponsored by Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Development Foundation. The results are then transferred to related industries to help them improve their technology level or to develop new products.
Presently there are 20 research groups esta-blished with the scope ranging optoelectric technology, software engineering, manufacturing and processing, test & analysis, hydro tech-nology, system automation, material science technology and chemical engineering.
In addition to continuous self-development of new technology, every research group also accept the R&D and technology transfer entrusted by the outside bodies.
Cooperative Research Between Industry and Academia
TLIRI is very familiar with the R&D resource and expertise of the College of Engineering, the College of Electrical Engineering and Com-puter Science and other relative colleges, National Taiwan University. TLIRI is also at full of professional service experience for the cooperation between industry and academia. Based on the so-called win-win concept, it provides the ever-improving service for medium and administration management.
The agencies who have entrusted and are entrusting research cooperation include govern-ment, military, national business, corporate foun-dation and private enterprise, etc.
Extension Education Training
For meeting the requirement of talent cultivation and on-job training for the military, the government and the private enterprise, in addition to being entrusted by government and mid and small enterprises to provide various on-job training, TLIRI also plans the hi-tech integrated training programs while appointing foreign and local professionals to train various manpower of supremum level.
The categories of training courses conducted by TLIRI are as follows:
ĦE Environment protection special talent training for Environment Protection Administration
ĦE Civil aeronautics pilot training for Civil Aeronautics Administration
ĦE Short term professional supplement training for the talent beyond master for National Youth Commission
ĦE Industry automation and electronic technology advance training for Employment & Vocational Training Administration
ĦE The 2nd excellent training (including employment guide) of technology manpower for new industry
ĦE On-job training of qualified instructors for every employment & vocational training center of Employ-ment & Vocational Training Administration
ĦE Wireless communication industry talent training for Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economics Affairs
ĦE Foreign invitation seminars
ĦE Enterprise university (master class)
ĦE On-job advanced training of industrial technology labor for Employment & Vocational Training Administration
ĦE The electronic talent training for Construction and Planning Administration, Ministry of Interior
ĦE The talent training of application technology on special chemical production for Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
ĦE The talent training of semiconductor for Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Semi-conductor Academy & Digital Content Academy.
ĦE The talent training of computer and information software and core capability for Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan
ĦE A series lessons of industrial technology for Chiang Industrial Charity Foundation in Hong Kong
Industrial Technology Service
TLIRI operates more than 70 laboratories under the research factory system of the College of Engineering and College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at National Taiwan University. They provide various technology services and equipment resources, and are opened to offer technical consulting, analysis and test service for industry and academia.
The fields of technology service include chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, hydro engineering, stress test, naval architecture and ocean engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and information engineering, electro-optical engineering mechanics and materials engineering, etc.
International Conference Service
Since August in 2000, TLIRI is officially assigned by the president, Prof. Chen, Wei-Chao of National Taiwan University to be the sole service unit to assist the faculty members of the university to hold international academic conferences. The followings are the services which can help the organization upgrade the quality of conference and international image:
ĦE Coordination and Management
ĦE Call-for-Paper and Review Processing
(in Coordination with Technical Committee)
ĦE Printing, Publication and Publicizing
ĦE Banquet, Accommodation and Spouse Program
ĦE Finance & Accounting Operation
ĦE Exhibition
ĦE Technical Visits & Sight-seeing
ĦE Transportation & Special Airport Pick-Up Service
ĦE Registration
ĦE Program Flow Control
ĦE Conference Site Planning
The website of TLIRI: http://www.tl.ntu.edu.tw
The telephone number is (02) 23628136
Fax no.: (02) 23632574
Email add.: yko@tl.ntu.edu.tw