Prof. Chun-Hway Hsueh, Prof. Chung-Hsin Lu and Dean Chen Elected as 2019 APAM Academicians

The Asia Pacific Academy of Materials (APAM) was founded by renowned material scientists from Russia (Prof. F. A. Kuznetsov), India (Prof. C. N. R Rao), Japan (Prof. J. I. Nishizawa), and China (Prof. S. C. Zou) in 1992. They have a mission in close cooperation with concerned national and international bodies, and with governmental agencies and private institutions, shall seek to increase awareness and expertise in scientific and technical knowledge for suitable development and use of materials.   The mission works through a triangle interactive way by Science, Education, and Industry. Now, the members of APAM have been increased to include Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Uzbekistan. The website of APAM is The APAM holds general congressional meeting every year and general assembly meeting every other year. Both meetings are promoting the technology advancement with special topics. However, there is a special mission in the general assembly meeting to select the outstanding established material experts and emerging young scientists among the attending parties as very prestige APAM academicians and associate academicians respectively. The current president of APAM is Prof. En-Hou Han (韓恩厚), Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China.

The Taiwan chapter of APAM was established in 2014 ( and led by Prof. Wei-Fang Su (林唯芳) of National Taiwan University since then. The mission of local chapter is to bridge the communication among local members, participating regions and headquarter; recommend the candidates of associate academicians and academicians. Prof. Su also was elected as Vice President of APAM in 2017 and served until now.

Congratulation to Prof. Chun-Hway Hsueh (薛承輝), Prof. Chung-Hsin Lu (呂宗昕) and Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章) from College of Engineering, National Taiwan University, they are elected as 2019 APAM academicians together with one of Nobel Laureates of 2010 Physics of Graphene, Prof. Konstantin Novoselov of National University of Singapore. They will receive the plaque of APAM academicians in The Congress of Asia Pacific Academy of Materials 2019, in Guangzhou, China on November 15-18, 2019.

In addition to the newly elected academicians, Prof. S. C. Lee (former president of NTU) (前校長李嗣涔教授) and Prof. C.F. Lin (林清富) of EE, Prof. S. K. Wu (吳錫侃), Prof. W.F. Su (林唯芳) and Prof. C. Robert Kao (高振宏) of MSE, Prof. D.P. Tsai (蔡定平) and Prof. Y. F. Chen (陳永芳) of Physics, and Dr. L. C. Chen (林麗瓊) of Center of Condensed Matter.

Let us work together with the top scientists and engineers in the world from APAM to solve the global issues of energy, water and health using innovative materials.