Research centers were established by the College of Engineering for the cooperation among industry, government and academy. Meanwhile, these research centers serve as the integration units for different disciplines. Listed here are our 10 research centers where groundbreaking research is happening every day. Among these centers, "The Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Research Institute" sponsored by Yen Tjing Ling Industrial Development Foundation has become a major channel through which the faculty of College of Engineering accept the research projects from enterprises and other agencies.

1. Industrial Research Institute

2. Hydrotech Research Institute

3. Earthquake Engineering Research Center

4. Machine Intelligence and Industrial Network Research Center

5. Ship and Ocean Technology Research Center

6. Advanced Research Center for Green Materials Science and Technology

7. Nano-Electro-Mechanical-System Research Center

8. NTU-NIMS Joint Center for Materials Science

9. Water Innovation, Low-Carbon and Environmental Sustainability Research Center

10. WALSIN-NTU Innovative Research and Development Center