2021 Dean's Award for CoE Graduate Students

In order to improve the learning level of graduate students and encourage their research results, College of Engineering has established "Dean’s Award for CoE Graduate Students" since 2020, with specific rules defined by each department. The numbers of award recipients shall not exceed 5 percent of the graduates of that academic year. Each winner will be rewarded a certificate of the award and 10,000 NTD scholarship. The second award ceremony of “Dean’s Award for CoE Graduate Students” Ceremony was held on Aug. 18th at the Shin-Yi Lecture Hall, Tseng Jiang Building. Totally 46 students were awarded: Fang-Jung Tsai (蔡昉容), Lu-An Chen (陳律安), Gelasius Galvindy (鄭勇豪), Jyun-You Liou (劉峻佑), Kuan-Ying Lee (李冠穎), Sin-Pei Chiang (江欣蓓), Cheng-Wei Li (李承威), Yu-Wei Wan (萬有為), Yun-Tang Wu (吳勻棠), Tse-Hsiang Wang (王澤庠) and Chun-Yun Chou (周君芸) from Department of Civil Engineering; Yu-Jen Lien (連于仁), Yu-Chien Tseng (曾于虔), I-Hsuan Kuo (郭奕瑄), Ming-Huai Hsu (徐敏懷), Tsung-Yu Lin (林宗郁), Che-Jui Chang (張哲睿), Chih-Hsin Chung (鍾智瑆), Jun-Wei Lu (盧俊瑋) and Shun-Yu Yang (楊舜宇) from Department of Mechanical Engineering; Te-Chien Liu (劉德謙), Han Van Dang (鄧函文), Yun-Fang Yang (楊芸芳) and Yen-Chi Chen (陳彥齊) from Department of Chemical Engineering; Shu-Chen Lin (林書辰), Hsien-Chi Lai (賴咸錡), Chia-Yuan Chen (陳家媛) and Sheng-Wei Chien (簡聖偉) from Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering; Cheng-Yao Huang (黃正堯), Pin-Jie Chen (陳品潔), Guan-Ren Chen (陳冠仁)、You-Qun Hu (胡祐群) and Yu-Lin Li (李侑霖) from Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Yu-Chun Chou (周俞均) and Pei-An Lee (李佩安) from Department of Biomedical Engineering; Tse-Lun Chen (陳則綸)、Chao-Chin Chang (張朝欽) and Chu-Yun Cheng (鄭筑云) from Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering; Chien-Yu Pan (潘建宇)、Chia-Hui Tseng (曾家暉)、Chien-Chang Chen (陳建璋) and Chun-Yen Chang (張鈞彥) from Graduate Institute of Applied Mechanics; Wan-Yun Tsai (蔡宛芸) form Graduate Institute of Building and Planning; Yun Chu (褚芸) and Yu-Tung Kan (干語彤) from Graduate Institute of Industrial Engineering; Hau-Ren Yang (楊皓任) from Graduate Institute of Polymer Science and Engineering.

The award ceremony was kicked off by the opening speech of Dean Wen-Chang Chen (陳文章), College of Engineering. The Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou (周家蓓),NTU also gave a speech at the ceremony to praise the award winners. The participated guests included the heads of various departments and the business representatives from 17 donor enterprises of the awards, including Chairman Sheng-Bao Tseng (曾參寶) of Sinotech Engineering Consultants, Inc. (財團法人中興工程顧問社), Vice General Manager Chien-Chuan Wang (王建全) of Taiwan Cement Ltd. (台灣水泥股份有限公司), Chief Human Resources Officer Charles Chen (陳啟禎) of Delta Electronics, Inc. (台達電子工業股份有限公司), Chief Technical Officer Chung-Yu Huang (黃中于) of PEGATRON Corporation (和碩聯合科技股份有限公司), Vice President Oliver Liu (劉培毅) of BenQ Materials Corporation (明基材料股份有限公司), Vice President of Technology & Quality Shih-Chieh Lin (林士傑) of Walsin Lihwa Corp. (華新麗華股份有限公司), Senior Manager Kuo-Cheng Huang (黃國政) of Daxin Materials Corp. (達興材料股份有限公司), General Manager Bob Lin (林宜鋒) of YF Precision Corporation (元鋒精密股份有限公司), Manager Ray Kuo (郭偉群) of ULVAC Taiwan, INC. (優貝克科技股份有限公司), Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (長春石油化學股份有限公司), United Orthopedic Corporation (聯合骨科器材股份有限公司), Atecom Technology Co., Ltd (艾德康科技有限公司), Uneo Inc. (利永環球科技股份有限公司), AIXTRON Taiwan Co., Ltd. (愛思強股份有限公司), Advanced Material Systems Co (益材科技股份有限公司), Chain-E Technology Co., Ltd. (千一科技股份有限公司), and HW International Architecture (恒維聯合建築師事務所).

In her speech, the Executive Vice President Chou not only praised the award-winning students, but also encouraged them to keep the spirit of continuous knowledge pursuit and reminded them not to forget their attitude in digging professional knowledge and in-depth research topics after graduation. Vice President Chou also expressed her gratitude to the donor enterprises with the belief that through the encouragement and donation from the college and business, more NTU students will benefit from the generous offering in order to focus on research topics and to produce more outstanding results. The opportunities for industry-university interaction and cooperation will also be increased.

In the ceremony, Dean Chen of College of Engineering expressed his sincere gratitude to the 17 donor enterprises for their encouragement and care to the graduates of the college. They not only donate the awards, but also came to the award ceremony to get to know the award-winning students and to take a look at their outstanding research results. The College of Engineering will continue to serve as the bridge between the donor enterprises and the graduate students and their advisors, promoting the industry-university cooperation and talent cultivation plans.