There are currently 275 full-time faculty members in the College of Engineering which includes 193 full professors, 41 associate professors, 40 assistant professors and 1 lecturer. 99% of them have doctoral degrees. Among the faculty, the majority of highest education comes from the prestigious universities in USA, Europe and Japan. The teaching staffs in College of Engineering not only pursue excellence constantly in education but also dominate research in the national engineering fields. 169 person-times are prizewinners of National Science and Technology Council, including the original National Science Council, and 40 of them are special contract researchers. Among the 267 distinguished professors in NTU, 54 are from College of Engineering. Other significant accomplishments show the excellence and continuous contribution in academic research of CoE professors. For instance, Prof. Chun-Hway HSUEH, Prof. Chu-Chen CHUEH and Prof. Chia-Wen WU are selected as ISI Highly Cited Researchers. Prof. Jyh-Ping HSU, Prof. Falin CHEN, Prof. Wen-Chang CHEN and Prof. Keh-Chyuan TSAI have been awarded National Chair Professors and the Academic Award of Ministry of Education, and the latter one was also awarded to Prof. Huan-Jang KEH.

The College of Engineering boasts the most exceptional engineering students in Taiwan, and takes up a large proportion of the popularity of the university that 12% of the NTU undergraduate students are in the College of Engineering. All departments have always been the top choices in respective fields in university entrance examination within the nation. College of Engineering takes up 18% of the master students and 20% of the Ph.D. students within the university. In terms of internationalization, there are currently 574 foreign students in the College of Engineering.